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The Wonders of Water

It is undeniable that water is our most important resource. Water is essential and sustains us on this planet. It is a part of our daily tasks and rituals. We are bathed in water, sometimes baptized and even born in water. Water can express and represent many wonders including peace, tranquility, power and strength. In addition to being a life-giving force, water can provide us with joy and recreation, but it can also bring destruction and damage. The following images are special and exceptional and have been chosen as the winning entries.

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Winners: Amitava Maiti, Debora Schwedhelm, Chin Leong Teo, Karen Celella, Russell Ord, Linda Troeller, Dianne English, Morgan Macey, Apurva Mathad

Announced on September 10th, 2016    Theme Category(s): 2016, Water