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Signs of Love

Love is the emotion that binds all of us. Love signifies caring, faithfulness, devotion and hope. Love comes in all shapes and forms. Love can be our feelings for a parent, partner, child or pet. Love can also explain our devotion to our country or nationality. It is an emotion to which we are all drawn. The following images are special and exceptional and have been chosen as the winning entries.

 - 1st Place Winner - 2nd Place Winner - 3rd Place Winner - Honorable Mention - Honorable Mention - Honorable Mention - Merit Winner - Merit Winner - Merit Winner

Winners: Debra Behr, Valerie S Williams, Don Davis, Karen Commings, Frankie Suzanne Garr, Terry Wild, Kathyrn Nee, Gerald Shonkwiler, Nora Swann

Announced on March 29th, 2016    Theme Category(s): 2016, People