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The Human Face

The face is an endless resource of expressions. One look is worth a thousand words. Much can be learned from observing the eyes, the lips and even the skin. Every blemish, scar or wrinkle tells a story. Every smile, laugh, frown or tear is a clue and view into a life that is lived. The following images are special and exceptional and have been chosen as the winning entries.

 - 1st Place Winner - 2nd Place Winner - 3rd Place Winner - Honorable Mention - Honorable Mention - Honorable Mention - Merit Winner - Merit Winner - Merit Winner

Winners: Buket Ozatay, Alexandre Suplicy, Hansa Tangmanpoowadol, Ian English, Rohina Hoffman, Goran Jovic, Sari Fried-Fiori, Robin Cone-Murakami, Nakul Sharma

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