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Wonders of Water IV

Water is our essential element on this planet. Without it we cannot exist. It is a part of our daily tasks and rituals. We are bathed in water, sometimes baptized and even born in water. Water can define and represent many wonders including peace, tranquility, power and strength. It can also be a destructive and damaging force. The following images were chosen to represent “The Wonders of Water”.

 - 1st Place Winner - 2nd Place Winner - 3rd Place Winner Honorable Mention - Honorable Mention - Honorable Mention Merit Winner Merit Winner Merit Winner

Winners: Gerald Neisseter, Kristina Lishawa, Kuliok Avi, Dianne English, Sari Fried-Fiori, Partha Roy, Armando Froio, Danielle Goldstein, Terry Johnson

Announced on October 16th, 2014    Theme Category(s): 2014, Water