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Winners Announced for the “Wonders of Water Part II”

TeraBella Media is pleased to announce the winners in the “Wonders of Water Part II” Call for Entry. Among the hundreds of entries…The following photographers captured quite adeptly the “Wonders of Water Part II.” They skillfully portrayed humankind’s fascination and allure to water as well as the common interaction that takes place every day.
The winning images displayed an equal balance between soothing, strength and also the sensual aspects of our most precious resource.

Congratulations to the finalists!

First Place Winner:
Luca Pierro
“The Lake”

Second Place Winner:
Hansa Tangmanpoowadol

Third Place Winner:
Zoltan Balogh
“Country of the Thousand Lakes”

Honorable Mentions:
Geoffrey Agrons
Mohammad Moniruzzaman
Michael Anthony Schmidt

Merit Winners:

Zoltan Bekefy
Len Speier
Justin Tew

Click here to view the winner’s gallery.

Published on May 4th, 2012    Filed under: 2012 Photo Contests, TBM Announcements