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“What Happens at Night” Photo Contest Winners Announced

The TeraBella Media Staff is very pleased to announce the winners for the 2011 “What Happens at Night” photo competition.

First Place: Michael Anthony Schmidt – “Rain Dancer”
Second Place: Bianca Dorso – “Ice Ammo in Rain”
Third Place: Alan Black – “Shinjuka Tokyo”

Honorable Mentions:
Geoffrey Agrons – “Five Footballs”
Franck Murat – “Concrete”
Eleonora Ronconi – “Dreamer”

Merit Winners:
Deborah Bohren – “Movement”
Edward Olive – “Film Noir Light Through Door”
Bradley Olson – “Amsterdam”

Judges’ Statement:
We viewed a vast assortment of interpretations of exactly what does happen after the sun goes down. The images were imaginative and innovative. In judging this call for entry there was excitement in seeing see such variations on a simple theme. The finalists chosen exhibited and displayed a range of night time possibilities from the individual walking the streets alone to the brilliant lights of a major city. In between there were examples of what happens on a street corner and what happens in someone’s backyard. It was very clear that the participants worked very hard to be creative and original. It was a pleasure to award the above entrants!

Click here to view the winner’s gallery.

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