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“The Human Hand” Photo Contest Winners Announced

The TeraBella Media Staff is very pleased to announce the winners for the 2011 “The Human Hand” photo competition.

First Place: Michael Anthony Schmidt – “The Hands of Time”
Second Place: Peter Merriner – “Thing”
Third Place: Jennifer Raff – “SisterHands”

Honorable Mentions:
Diego Flores – “Hands of a Mortician”
Jowena – “The Bracelet”
Sharon Johnson-Tennant – “Generations”

Merit Winners:
Glenn Williams – “Arthur”
Debora Schwedhelm – “Swim”
Yiannis Logiotatides – “Untitled”
John Mastenbrook – “Market Delivery in the Khan al Kalili Cairo”
Rhiannon – “Your Choice”
Abhishek Khandelwal – “Struggler”

Judges’ Statement:
The winning photos were chosen from hundreds of unique submissions. The participating photographers were very diligent in pursuing the requirements of this particular competition. The final images selected were most representing of the form: “The Human Hand.” Submissions included the hands of the mature human to the hands of children. Most dauntingly portrayed were the hands of those who were injured or had been exposed to some type of damage. Additionally, images of the beauty and dexterity of the human hand were gracefully represented. Congratulations to all!

Click here to view the winner’s gallery.

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