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“Wonders of Water,part 3″ Winners annouced!

It is undeniable that water is our most important resource. Water is essential and sustains us on this planet. In addition to being a life-giving force, water can also bring destruction and damage. It is a part of our daily tasks and rituals. The following individuals were awarded for their representations of the “wonders of water:”
Winners: Chee Keong Lim, Jessica Maria Manley, David Lenhert, Javier Arcenillas, Dianne English, Gloria Wilson, Inae Guion de Almeida, Ted Anderson, Trevor Cole

Posted on September 13th, 2013

Our Landscape: The Trees Winners Announced

TeraBella Media Is pleased to announce the Finalists in “Our Landscape: The Trees.” There were several “themes” associated with the entries. The qualities of trees are found and echoed within our own human emotions and qualities. Read More »

Posted on June 14th, 2013