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Our Goals: To acknowledge the works of creative photographers from all over the world, to unveil new and emerging talent, and to encourage the appreciation of the photographic arts.

TeraBella Media offers the most effective mode of recognition for all photographic artists who desire to be actively viewed by the public. By providing an on-line presence with exhibition and display opportunities, today’s artists can be recognized by both critics and patrons alike. Our sponsorship of competitions and appropriate marketing agenda offer productive solutions for both emerging and seasoned photographers. Equally important is our experience and industry associations that are vital assets to today’s photographer.

Our Web Properties:

PictureCompete™ is a creative platform for all photographers of all skill levels. Our goal is to discover new and interesting photo works. PictureCompete sponsors six competitions yearly and awards the winners with cash prizes and an exhibition of their images in an online gallery format.

To be successful an artist must have a strong contemporary on-line presence with proper gallery representation along with influential and proper branding. In addition an artist can greatly benefit from the opportunities offered by a pre-existing marketing need for his or her work. Profotio™ was created for these reasons and to introduce to the world talented individuals working in the photographic medium.